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Rock Star Prices UP IS THE ONLY DIRECTION By Ettagale Blauer

Colored diamond prices are reaching the stratosphere and beyond. On October 2014 Rapaport Magazine takes a look at colored diamond price trends over the past five years. Rapaport discusses the trends in pricing for fancy color diamonds.

How does one price a work of art? That is the rhetorical question posed by dealers of singular, large, fancy color diamonds. If there’s an answer, it would seem to be “anything the market will bear.” With lots of new money coming into the marketplace from freshly minted billionaires around the globe, demand is very high.

Here's Why You Should Be Collecting Diamonds

How do you discreetly carry $100 million in your pocket? In the form of diamonds. A handful of top-quality

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Michelle Yuan Forbes Contributor

The popularity and price of fancy colored diamonds have been on the rise globally, driven by Asian investors.

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Fancy Color Diamond Index Holds Firm Press Release

Analysis of the latest data published by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) in its third Fancy Color Index

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16 Reasons Why Diamonds May Be The Ultimate Crisis Investment

Back in March, the investment world learned that New York-based investment firm IndexIQ had filed...

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Strong Demand for Blue Fancy Colour Diamonds in Q3 2015

As the diamond industry gears up for the holiday season, fancy colour diamond prices are holding steady

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How to build & protect wealth from negative interest rate policy

As recently as yesterday, a prominent Diamond dealer asked me while he

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Invest in Color Diamonds?

  • Portability
  • Multi Function Asset
  • Privacy
  • Tangible Asset
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Substantial ROI
  • Rarest Commodity on Earth
  • Most Concentrated Form of Wealth on Earth
  • Wealth preservation for the next generation
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Some Facts

Take a closer look at the record breaking diamonds that are among the most expensive sparklers in the world, from rare blue diamonds to tennis ball-sized rough gems.

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The most expensive ring in the world. As another impressive blue diamond heads to auction this season, we look at the most expensive ring ever sold – and other worthy contenders.

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Today Graff unveiled the record-breaking Venus, the largest flawless heart-shape diamond ever certified by the GIA. Just as you thought another diamond record couldn’t be broken

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Video by GIA

How to Read a GIA Grading Report

Shopping for a diamond, and want to understand diamond value? You’ll want to know about the 4Cs of diamond quality. 4Cs creator GIA goes to extraordinary lengths to guarantee the highest levels of integrity. A diamond report issued by GIA, which is oftentimes referred to as a diamond certification or diamond cert, ensures that the diamond you’re considering buying has the qualities you’re looking for. Start by understanding how to read a report from GIA.

World News

Wealthy Chinese to Buy Diamonds w/o Scrutiny

Wealthy Chinese who made their country into the world’s second-biggest market for diamonds are now increasingly traveling abroad to buy the stones, at a time when ostentatious purchases are frowned upon at home.

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